Understanding Nursery Containers – Current Pots Size Used In Nurseries

Understanding Nursery Containers Current Pots Size Used In Nurseries


you have certainly come across nursery pot sizes while flipping through sales catalogs. Are you able to ask yourself what this means – what is the size of pot n ° 1, n ° 2, n ° 3 and so on? Continue reading to get information on the sizes of current pots used in the nurseries so that you can eliminate certain conjectures and confusion of your selections.

About nursery pots, The nursery pots are available in several sizes. Often, the particular plant and its current size determine the size of the pots used in the nurseries. For example, most bushes and trees are sold in 1 gallon (4 L) pots – otherwise known as pot # 1.

Understanding Nursery Containers Current Pots Size Used In Nurseries

The # symbol is used to refer to each class number size. The smaller recipients (c.-à-d. Macetas of 4 inches or 10 cm) can also include SP in front of its class number, indicating a smaller plant size. In general, the #est is large, the pot is large and, consequently, the plant will be large.

These container sizes range from # 1, # 2, # 3 and # 5 to # 7, # 10, # 15 up to # 20 or more. What is the size of pot n ° 1? Gallon container containers, or pots n ° 1, are the most commonly used potty storage sizes in the industry.

Although they do not normally contain 3 liters (3 L) of sol (using a liquid measure), they are always considered as 1-gallon pots. A variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees can be found in this pot size. To the extent that plants can grow or grow, nurseries can transform the plant into another larger-sized pot. For example, a No. 1 bush can be transformed into a No. 3 pot

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The size variations of plant pots can be very different from those of nurses. While a nursery can dispatch a large luxuriant plant in a No. 1 pot, another can send a new plant that resembles brindles of the same size. For this reason, you must perform preliminary research to ensure that what you obtain.

Category of nursery pots In addition to the different sizes of pots, nurseries will include classification information. As for the variations between the sizes, these can also vary according to the producers. These generally depend on the manner in which a particular plant was cultivated (its conditions).

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That said, the most current qualities associated with flower pots are: P – Superior quality – the plants are normally healthy, large and more beautiful G – Regular quality – the plants are of average quality, assez saines, average cost L – Quality landscape – the plants are of lower quality choice, smaller and less expensive Examples of these could be # 1P, which signify a pot size # 1 of superior quality. A lower note would be # 1L.

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