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How To Remove Paint From Succulents

A covering of paint reduces the succulents ability to carry out photosynthesis yet photosynthesis is the basis of any plants survival. Certainly it is impossible to remove all of the paint without damaging the plant.

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Most of these painted succulents and cactus are labeled with the information that they have been painted.


How to remove paint from succulents. As for the painted leaves try taking a very soft toothbrush like those sold for toddlers or babies and very gently brush the painted leaves to see if you can dislodge the paint. They will grow out of it eventually. Vendors of painted plants rely on the ability of succulents to survive long-term abuse without dying thats all.

In this video I try out different techniques to remove the glittery coating from the leaves of my succulent. You should watch out for these signs and you can only find out when you touch your succulents. That said as the paint seems confined now to the very bottom leaves and the plant appears to be thriving really well it may be as well to let Mother Nature take her course and allow natural drop-offshedding.

If you would like to see more of how I used the painted succulents for Fall click on this link. A healthy succulent should be rigid when touched but an unhealthy one might be turbid or flaccid. Thats a lot of dyed and glued succulents of some sort.

While some comments were appalled at the painted succulents others were quick to point out that most companies use non-toxic paint and that the plants actually lose the artificial color over time. Yeah its bad for the plant but its not a death sentence. Once you are content with your painted succulent set it aside to dry.

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Small amounts can be purchased. I suspect its some kind of water based paint so I think eventually the paint would disappear and the plant would have normal growth. They consider the look an attractive bi-color effect that is revealed as the plants natural color becomes apparent as it grows.

I tried to remove it simply with my fingers wit. In this video I wanted to show you how easy it is to remove the paint easily from these Candy Cane Christmas Succulents. I made sure to be gentle and thus not all of it came off but clearly a lot of it did.

Protect the paint you can paint a clear satin finish sealer on the succulents. Zone 9A Louisiana2 years ago. As with all succulents careful watering habits and plenty of light will help ensure success.

I have seen a few pictures in the succulent groups on facebook of painted ones looking pretty neat once they start to grow out of it. Just take a toothpick or whatever you decide to paint it with dip it into some paint and make dots all over your succulent. This is the one that Chloe made.

In the same area as acrylic paints at a craft store. Fall Home Tour 2018. A healthy succulent may not yield to your touch but will feel rigid.

Repot as needed preferably during the warm season. Some sick plants may remain rigid but not as stiff as a healthy succulent. We need to bring awareness to th.

I hope this helps it live a longer happier life. To repot a succulent make sure the soil is dry before repotting then gently remove the pot. You may hear them claim that this in no way harms the plant but that is obviously nonsense.

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The painted ones currently at the local Wal-Mart are Haworthias of a type similar to fasciata so all the natural white lines are completely obscured. Tried to be gentle and the copper paint coating seems to have come off quite easy. Used a heavy spritz of water and a quick rub using the tongue scraping portion of a tooth brush.

Knock away the old soil from the roots making sure to remove any rotted or dead roots in the process.

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