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How Much Worm Castings To Use

The remaining 50 should be primarily a growing medium ie. However he says that while you can grow in 100 worm castings it is pretty much overkill and you can grow just as well with 10 to 15 worm castings to 85 to 90 potting soil.

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This is a good threshold to be at.


How much worm castings to use. As a fertilizer If you have a large garden or if your garden is already established it might be prohibitive to dig up all the plants and replant them with worm castings. The slow release of nutrients is perfect for young seedlings to get off to a strong healthy start. For mature plants you can use slightly less or the same ratio.

Use worm compost on your house plants to give them a new lease of life. As stated in Mary Appelhofs book Worms Eat My Garbage. Studies suggest that no more than 20 worm castings by volume should be used in seed starting mixes.

Repot and water in. We would recommend 300 lbs of worm castings. How Much Should You Use.

While there may not necessarily be anything wrong with having extra dirt in the castings it reduces the amount of castings that youre getting overall. A 5050 ratio is ideal but you can use as low as a 2575 ratio of castings to soil and still see good results. Worm castings alone can properly feed a plant but worm castings at a rate of up to 20 of soil volume will do the best.

To reinvigorate house plants make up a soilpotting mix and vermicompost blend as we discussed in the soil conditioning section above. For starting seeds you can use up to 50 of the mixture as worm castings. With worm castings fertilizer use about ¼ cup 06 ml for every six inches 15 cm of container diameter.

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You can purchase worm castings online or in store but I encourage you to try making your own its easy and fun. Minimum Suggested Application make the castings approximately 15 of total soil but even smaller amounts have been shown to have a significant benefit. However you can also use more if youd like.

If youre purchasing worm castings you dont want a bag that has 80 worm castings and 20 rocks and dirt. In some cases the ratio of castings to refuse is even worse than that. How to mix worm castings with potting soil.

They can grow in this exact mixture until you are ready to. Reapplying worm casting monthly to your topsoil will keep your plants looking healthy and exceptional. For Seedlings We mix worm castings into our seed starting soil at a rate 1 cup of castings for every 1 cup of potting soil.

Alternatively sprinkle one to three tablespoons 15-45 ml of worm castings around the stem of container plants then water well. Compost peat moss coco coir and a drainage medium ie. This leaves 30 concentration in the soil which is 100 ideal.

Dried and screened worm compost is much easier to work with. While conventional wisdom says the seed should germinate with only its own nutrient reserves the addition of worm castings to a seed starting mix is shown to improve seed germination. As a general rule of thumb many growers will use about ⅓ to ⅕ worm castings and the rest something else.

For instance lets say you have 400 square feet to cover. You can use worm casting on the top of your soil every month and all through the growing season. The most important ingredient.

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Suggested Worm Castings Application Rates. This study consisted of 3 tests. The amount of worm castings that you use can vary depending on your budget and what you want to accomplish.

2nd edition there was a study performed by Kalamazoo Nature Center on the use of worm castings on African violets. Its best to use 1 cup of castings for every 1 cup of potting soil for seedlings. So when I pondered the question of how much vermicompost or worm castings should be applied to your gardens flower boxes or pots I reaaaallllly wanted to find a magic number something clean like 10 by volume 2 cups per tomato plant or something like that.

Because you will want your plants to get the best start possible this is a great use of your precious high-powered worm castings. Use 06ml per 6 inches of worm casting of the container diameter and mix the casting inside your potted plants soil. 100 potting soil on left 100 cast on right and equal parts of cast perlite and peat moss in the center which would render the cast percentage to 33.

Mix the castings into the potting soil. If your garden has an average tilling depth of 4-6 in we recommend ¾ lb for every square foot.

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