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Harvest A Pound Every Three Weeks

Ill take you through my process from start to harvest. Check out the sig.

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Humidity 20 lights on 27 lights off 4.


Harvest a pound every three weeks. You can buy them online. Which basically means to start Ill go 3 weeks cloner 3 weeks vegger then takes some clones from my vegger back to the cloner and flower those bad girls. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

So here we go. I adjust my PH to 58 I would however suggest that you only run 1 strain per grow. And ALLL of the systems are set to 1 minute on and 5 minutes off same timer for every pump.

I start at 1500 PPM and bring it up to 2000 PPM by the second week of veg. The plants are under a 250W MH light set to 186. They break real clean and easy when your ready to transplant.

I have 25 buckets with 3 600watts and i get 5 lb. I use a cycle timer for the pumps. Check out my journal later tonite Im posting some actual bud porn finally ay 6 weeks.

If you decide to break the rockwool now just take the clone and put it in the eazycloner neoprene sleeve and never use grow medium again. We strive to present a reader-friendly digital text version of each story. Im running 3 separate AeroNFT systems so I can have 9 weeks flower time and a 3 week perpetual harvest cycle.

DWC is better than small aeroponic set up. This allows maximum Oxygen to the roots without letting them dry out. I made 3 separate AeroNFT systems using PVC fence posts.

Alright guys here goes the Veg unit is similar to the coning unit except that you use two roughneck rubbermaids on top of each other. The clones also stay in the Cloning unit for 3 weeks then they move to the veg unit. So 3 lights 3 Pounds.

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Top temp is 84 with lights and co2 on 6 hours in its only up to 80 here is some pics 75 weeks in flower. The reason for this is to prevent the roots from dipping down and clogging your pump. Harvest A Pound Every Three Weeks eBook.

Start date Oct 5 2008. If you follow my instructions you too can harvest a pound every 3 weeks. How to harvest 2 pounds every month.

Aoorox 8 oz per 600 watt 3 x 600 light room – og kush – tightly trimmed or plucked in the case of the OG – everybody else gets more than me – so I am glad to have room for improvement. What would be the best set up to harvest 2 pounds every month how many mothers would i need what type of soilwould be the bestim used to growing in 5 gallon buckets with soilnever grown no other wayim thinking cocoany help will be cool farmersi want to be able to harvest every month no matter what it takesi need to take more. I use a dual container aeroponic system.

I dont know if it is still something they are doing or not but it has been workin for me. Outdoor growers are heading inside now so I thought if might be a good time to start a tutorial on how you can harvest a pound every three weeks from a 7×8 closet. The roots grow straight down which makes the plants easy to transfer to the flower room when the time comes.

Again all my systems are on the same timer set to 1 minute on and 5 minutes off. Different strains have lost some in each of the 3 systems all did the exact same thing week one of flower start 1000ppm 1200ppm 1400ppm 1650ppm till week 7 then 1000ppm then phed water the last week 5. The sweet during the last two weeks of flowering and se if I can find a taste difference too.

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Like 15 for 50pcs. The reason for this is that different strains handle different strengths of nutes. Im gonna start addi.

Want to harvest a pound every three weeks. You wanna cut holes large enough in the top and bottom roughneck to let the PVC pipe come up. Each unit needs 1 600watt for 1 pound avg.

Harvest a Pound Every Three Weeks. Anyone can do this. But since the flower process is like 9 weeks my clones will go 3 weeks then into veg where they will have to sit for 6 weeks approximatly.

You also dont have to worry about a sprayer clogging or the pump failing. While my yields may not be the highest – the quality is top of the line. Everything is measured and it is as easy as baking a cake.

If you can read a number you will have the same success as I do. The timer is set to 1 minute on and 5 minutes off. After 3 weeks the best 14 plants move to the veg system.

Super stoners say things like best ever all-time perfect bud etc. It was reccommended by stink and a few others a while back. We havent gotten to this one yet but were on it.

StinkBud StinkBud StinkBud StinkBud. So you can compare. But Ive been sticking with the veg nutes for the first two weeks of flowering.

While errors in automatic conversion are inevitable we are devoted to editing every article to make it error-free. Harvest a Pound Every Three Weeks By StinkBud version 11. I change the nutrients every 3 weeks with each new crop.

Harvest A Pound Every Three Weeks – Kindle edition by StinkBud StinkBud StinkBud StinkBud. The plants stay 3 weeks in the cloner then 3 weeks in the veg system and then the move to flower for the last 9 weeks. The veg unit is made from 2 of the 18 gal roughnecks stacked on top of each other.

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Harvest a pound every three weeks.

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