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Special Indonesian Food Recipe Rica-Rica Beef or Lamb

Rica-Rica Beef or Goat / Lamb Recipe? Typical Solo Simple Special Spicy Original Delicious. You may choose to cook a rica rica sauce typical of Manado spicy chili seasoning with the main ingredients using beef or mutton or lamb mbek, all are equally delicious depending on taste. Who knows, this recipe can inspire you on
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3 Different Types of Spicy Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes - Bored with the same chicken dishes, don’t worry because chicken can be processed into a variety of delicious dishes to taste. Many chicken recipes that can be followed to make new processed chicken at home, so that you are not bored anymore. Variations in the menu of chicken dishes are very many with various cooking techniques ranging from boiled, fried, steamed, grilled, and even grilled.
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