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7 Recipes of Tasty and Spicy Taste of Archipelago Cuisine

I once lived in Indonesia and there are some foods that use a lot of spices so that the resulting flavor is extraordinarily delicious. you have to try it. maybe you will find there are some spices that are not familiar in your atmosphere. You can replace it with something similar. but that can change
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3 Different Types of Spicy Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes - Bored with the same chicken dishes, don’t worry because chicken can be processed into a variety of delicious dishes to taste. Many chicken recipes that can be followed to make new processed chicken at home, so that you are not bored anymore. Variations in the menu of chicken dishes are very many with various cooking techniques ranging from boiled, fried, steamed, grilled, and even grilled.
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Recipe for Mung Bean Extract With Brown Sugar

Of course delicious and healthy, that is the essence of green beans. For now, I want to share making green bean extract easy and simple. Materials: 300gr of mung beans soaked overnight to soft ½ teaspoon of salt 2 ginger sauce 200gr of brown sugar in a comb/cut into small pieces Pandan leaves 2 pcs
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